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Stumpf Woodworks

An artisan workshop dedicated to simple, natural designs

Rustic modern furniture from beautiful Lake Tahoe.


Get to Know Stumpf

Every table is built by hand in my humble Reno, Nevada workshop. 

Fine Family at the Beach.jpg
Fine Family at the Beach.jpg

The Stumpf


How We

Got Here

​Creating steel and wood furniture has been a passion of mine for years. Crafting stylish furniture and decor locally and delivering them all over the Sierra Nevada when needed.


The Stumpf live edge tables are created in limited pre-set amounts to ensure the production of each piece receives the right amount of attention they deserve. Also, it’s wonderful to work on a design for several weeks, then be done! It keeps the creative juices flowing, reduces apathy, and keeps my curiosity-cup brimming full. Isn’t that what we’ve all been yearning for since we were kids building rockets and bike jumps as kids?


The best way to know if a Stumpf Live Edge Table is right for your home or office is to just give me a call. We can talk about what you’re thinking of, how to incorporate subtle options into your creation, and when we can have it delivered.  Shop our online store to find affordable modern furniture, including rustic tables, stump end tables, charcuterie boards, hairpin tables and more. 

Thank you and welcome to Stumpf Land!



Contact Stumpf

Reach out to Steve for a conversation about a building a custom piece for your home or office.

Or try that form over there... I promise to reply immediately. 

(775) 400-2761‬

Thanks for reaching out!

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