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Live Edge Table Materials IN STOCK NOW

Are you looking for a statement piece for your new table? When buying a wood slab or a finished table cap, you’ll want a good idea of the following requirements:

  1. Size of the room

  2. Day-to-day expectations of the piece

  3. Care & maintenance expectations

  4. Humidity in your area


Cedar Rounds: 11 in Stock

These are larger rounds of unfinished pine typically around 23" - 29" in diameter. Several Stumpf live edge pieces are made from these salvaged rounds, sourced from South Lake Tahoe.

Redwood Slabs: 3 in Stock

From a pecky cedar slab 36" x 65" in total area, to smaller widths and lengths, these are the workhorse of the living space. Slabs are 3" thick. Projects often include epoxy fill, additional metal work and more.

Oak Hairpin Table "Caps": 19 in Stock

Stumpf Oak "Caps" are red oak rounds typically around 12" - 22" in diameter. Best sellers due to the lower price and ability fit in virtually any living or office space.

Reclaimed Beams: 30+ Linear Feet in Stock

Salvaged from the flume running along the Truckee River east of Lake Tahoe, these are some seriously large beams. Individual sizes range from 26" to 120" in length.

Sofa Table Slab: 2 in Stock

Longer, thinner and more sleek than the big redwood slab, I have two available from 12" - 16" wide and 120" (10 feet) long. You'll see these behind the sofa, standing taller than a coffee or end table.

Original Stump Wood Table: 2 in Stock

The gorgeous table that started it all. Two beautiful wood stump tables with 'no scratch' sliding casters. 12" - 14" diameter and 19" tall.

Madrone Live Edge "Caps": 7 in Stock

Madrone is a creamy dreamy hardwood native to the west coast. It typically presents a light brown and light pink hues but can develop red coloration in rare cases. Rarely will we stain since the natural colors are breathtaking.

Walnut Burl Live Edge "Caps": 2 in Stock

Raw and unfinished. These walnut burl table caps highlight your rustic modern style. 20" x 30" and 3" thick. Typical finish is a natural oil.

WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? For Stumpf, IN STOCK refers to the actual raw stock in the Stumpf storage space that’s ready to work with. It’s important to understand the critical role moisture and humidity play in your piece. Rarely do we get material in that can be processed right away because of the moisture levels buried deep in the wood. It typically takes at least a year or more for a piece to acclimate to our Northern Nevada climate. The materials you see listed are perfect for hopping on a project now.


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