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Walnut Charcuterie Boards & Trays

Charcuterie trays and boards delicately handcrafted and finished with the finest materials. Locally sourced from the Lake Tahoe - Sierra Nevada area.

Whimsy is at the heart of what gets built at Stumpf headquarters. These handcrafted charcuterie boards and service trays are designed to throw whimsy everywhere. A classic charcuterie board is a platter tailor-made for snacking, with a selection of cheese, crackers, condiments and more. 


We've taken the old-style charcuterie board and put a smile on it. But they're not just for eating tasty bites. Once you hold one, you’ll immediately find dozens of uses for them. That’s why we recommend grabbing more than one. Truth be told… my house has them everywhere... a base for plants, a decorative table topper (we stack our spices and sauces on one), even a cell phone holder for the nightstand.


Each charcuterie board is different from its sister. They average 8" – 15”  in diameter and 1.5” high. Material is sourced from the west side of the Sierra Nevada where the oak and walnut is plentiful and easily accessible. We know you’ll love the conversations these little guys will generate at your next gathering.


If you have a color preference, let us know and we’ll try to match a custom Puck to your specifications. At Stumpf, we strive to keep the wood used in our products in its most natural state. Your Pucks might exhibit slight variations in color and texture. Wood hues will deepen and darken to a rich luxurious color over time.

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Each piece is custom crafted on demand. Pictures represent the most recent creation.

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