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Ancient Oak Half Table

Ancient Oak Half Table

These salvaged white oak half tables are sourced from Colfax, CA region. Include either cherry or maple bow tie inlay and ash legs.

When we're sourcing our materials for projects, we're ususally not too sure what the final piece will look like. In fact, we rarely know until the hunk of wood is on the workbench.

Sometimes the wood simply doesn't want to become just a round table top. And other times, the structure of the wood simply doesn't allow for it - at all. This is where the half-table comes in.

You see, these pieces are from ancient trees that have fallen years and years ago. They're craggly and cracked and they just want to be massaged into... something. The half-table design provides a stable and true top without the fear of cracking down the line.

These are some of my favorite projects because they allow me to become lost in the very cracks most craftsmen fear. Planing, smoothing, sanding and finishing is a process I truly enjoy and the results speak for themselves.

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Each piece is custom crafted on demand. Pictures represent the most recent creation.

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