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Rustic Live Edge Redwood Coffee Table

Rustic Live Edge Redwood Coffee Table

SKU: RED2021

The spring of 2021, a friend asked if I would mind removing a 250-pound round from his property. His goal of making something out of it after cutting down a 135-foot cedar earlier in the year just wasn't meant to be. Of course, I took this beautiful raw monster off his hands!   


As you might expect, the act of taking cut wood from the foothills of the western Sierra Nevada to the hot and arid climate of Reno, Nevada proved almost catastrophic for the material.  The big 'bowtie joints' quickly came into focus and the rest, as they say, is history.  


The surface of the table is different than many other table tops you've probably encountered. I've created a 'distressed yet baby-butt smooth' surface to give character and depth to the material while providing a sturdy flat 100% functional plane.  


One of A Kind

While I have made, and will continue to make similar tables, this piece is completely unique and will not be reproduced. The legs of this piece are hand fabricated from salvaged steel and copper. These were a thrill to create and the addition of the copper rivets, in my humble opinion, simply adds so much character to the final performance.  I had the table top in my shop for months before coming up with this leg design. I sure hope you appreciate this piece in your home or office.  


The wood finish is 100% oil-based lacquer for the strongest finish possible. A final coat of premium carnauba wax to provide a tough water barrier.  


    • Weight Capacity: 110 lb. 
    • Solid Wood: (Natural edge of the cedar wood is incorporated into the design.) 

    • Signed, numbered, and branded with Stumpf markings (underside) 

    • Made with pride in Reno, Nevada 

    • All materials sourced from Lake Tahoe area 

    Main Material 

    • Main Material: Redwood 

    • Legs: Hand-fabricated Steel and Copper  


    • Wipe with dry cloth 

    • Should you ever damage your piece, it can be touched up. Please contact us with details on how to touch up your piece at: 

    What NOT to do: 

    • Do not leave standing water on your piece 

    • Do not leave hot items on your piece 

    • Do not use furniture polish on your piece 

    • Do not apply any further finish to your piece 

    • Constant exposure to hot sun/window is not advised long-term 

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