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Reclaimed Wood Beam Bench

Reclaimed Wood Beam Bench


This hefty reclaimed wood beam bench is made from 100+ year old beams salvaged from the Truckee River Flume reconstruction. Sturdy and beautiful, the texture of the beam has a very unique character and definitely demands attention.


This is a custom piece - currently I have 16 linear feet of this material left. 


Fabricated steel legs are strong, solid and crafted to accent the piece’s distressed experience. This bench is somewhat heavy and will last for generations.


Yes, there are benches out there without scratches or dents. This bench and others like it are nothing like those. Carved a hundred years ago, this beam bench has character. Every mark has a story. Each gnashing nick tells of time.


Put a little Nevada history in your home or office today. Custom dimensions are welcome.

Please contact me for a custom quote.

The finished product is 24” wide x 14” deep x 16” tall.

No assembly required.

Custom sizes range from 24” to 96” long, 16” to 32” tall.

This product is made from lumber salvaged from the Truckee River Flume by Farad. Due to the nature of this wood, each item will have its own unique characteristics.

Hot rolled, low carbon steel with distressed finish.

No two pieces are the same.

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